"I felt that Canada would be better served by the establishment of a first-class manufacturer of artists' paints than by the addition of a rather indifferent painter." - DAVID L. STEVENSON, 1910-1988 - Artist, Fellow of the Ontario College of Art and Founder of D. L. Stevenson & Son Ltd

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See our current Stevenson products catalogue online, for details and costs of our artists’ paints, mediums and art accessories.

To place an order

We request that you use our current Order Form, which is available online in PDF format *.

Please print the form, complete your order including your name and shipping address, contact information and method of payment.

The completed order can be mailed to:

D.L Stevenson & Son
1420 Warden Avenue,
Toronto, Ontario
M1R 5A3

Or fax the completed order to us at:

Fax: 416-755-5895

Discounts available

Please read the details regarding Discounts applicable to your order. These are explained on the back of the Order form (Page 2), or on Page 16 of the Stevenson catalogue.  In the catalogue itself you will notice that some art accessories are not eligible for a discount.
Art Instructors should contact us at Stevensons to request details regarding our Educational Discount Schedule.

To download a PDF

* To view or print our catalogue and order form, you will require Adobe Reader, which can be downloaded free of charge from www.adobe.com

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Order Form
Order Form