Safety and Health

When used as intended, Stevenson Paints do not present any substantial health risk. The users should be proactive in their use of artist’s paints and mediums by providing adequate ventilation of the workplace, by limiting product contact with the skin and by avoiding any activities (while painting) that allow the product to be ingested through the mouth - such as, eating, drinking or smoking. It is also advisable to keep your painting workspace separate from your general living space to minimize long-term exposure to any residual paint or solvent vapours. Long-term exposure to paint and solvent vapours can lead to “sensitivity” issues for some individuals.

Stevensons use no lead or mercuric pigments in any of our paint lines. However, some inorganic pigments used contain other heavy metals such as Cadmium, Cobalt, Cerulean, Manganese, Chromium, Zinc, and Iron. Although the cadmiums are “washed” by the pigment manufacturer to remove most of the soluble ions, some can still remain, these soluble ions are more readily absorbed through the skin. It is advisable to take extra precautions when using cadmium pigments for air brush work, use a correctly rated respiratory mask to prevent inhalation of mist and vapours. Note! Pigment compounds containing cobalt and cerulean are insoluble and not absorbed through the skin.

When disposing of residual paints and solvents please observe the local environmental regulations in your area.

Material Safety Data Sheets are available for all our paints and mediums. To obtain MSDS copies, please email a list to naming the products for which you need MSDSs, and current copies will be emailed to you.


Please refer to the individual pigment composition list for each of our Stevenson paints: acrylics, oil paints, oil slicks and water colour paints.

These lists are available for viewing and download in PDF format.*

Note: all of our paints are rated Non-Toxic when used as intended and are not subject to WHIMIS control. Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) are available on request.

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