STEVENSON Dry Pigments

These high quality pigments are used in the manufacture of our Stevenson paints: acrylic, oils and watercolours. They are full strength and permanent (light-fast). All pigments are genuine with no fillers or extenders. The dry pigments are sold by weight.

Stevenson Dry Pigments

Pigment information

Contrary to popular belief, no manufacturer of artists’ paints manufactures the pigments used in those paints. There are many large chemical houses specializing in pigments. Although none make pigments specifically for artists’ use, each offers a wide selection that are suitable. They must be resistant to fading (light-fast), non-bleeding and have desirable mixing qualities.

Only those pigments proven to be suitable for professional-quality art works have been chosen by Stevensons. The pigments used in the manufacture of our paints are, in most cases, indicated by the name of the colour. Refer to the Pigment composition lists for all Stevenson paints (see above, right hand column).


Please refer to the individual composition list for each of our Stevenson paints: acrylics, oil paints, oil slicks and water colour paints. These lists are available in PDF format.*

STEVENSON Dry Pigments

All pigments sold by weight:
  • Colours: 2oz; 8oz; 16oz
  • Titanium Dioxide: 50lbs
  • Zinc Oxide: 55lbs.
For details regarding prices, refer to Page 11 of our STEVENSON Catalogue, now available online in PDF format.*

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