"I felt that Canada would be better served by the establishment of a first-class manufacturer of artists' paints than by the addition of a rather indifferent painter." - DAVID L. STEVENSON, 1910-1988 - Artist, Fellow of the Ontario College of Art and Founder of D. L. Stevenson & Son Ltd

It was the vision and commitment of one man that set the Stevenson company on the road to where it is today -- Canada's leading manufacturer of fine artists' paints. In the mid nineteen-sixties, David L. Stevenson (1910-1988), artist and Fellow of the Ontario College of Art, was dismayed by the high cost of imported paints available, and more so by the absence of Canadian manufacturers of artists' materials. He commenced the research that led to the development of a line of quality artists' paints bearing his name. Initially Stevenson’s regular customers were limited to local night school classes, but the company's reputation spread quickly throughout the artistic community. Our paints are now shipped to artists, fine art instructors and art colleges right across Canada.

Quality paints at affordable prices

It was David Stevenson's intention to provide a line of professional-quality artists' paints at an affordable price. He felt that artists, like other crafts people, should be able to buy their materials at a fair price. By limiting expenditures on marketing, sales agents and distribution costs, he was able to meet these objectives without compromising product quality. Our continued sales growth and wide acceptance by Canadian artists is due in large part to word-of-mouth advertising in the form of recommendations and endorsements by the many satisfied users of Stevenson products.

Professional-quality artists' paints

All Stevenson paints are rated as Professional Artists’ Quality. Only full-strength, permanent pigments are used in the Stevenson paint formulations. We do not use adulterants or extenders to cheapen our paints. The same care and quality control is maintained by his son, Robert J. Stevenson who continues in his father’s footsteps to produce the very highest quality paints for Canadian artists. We manufacture the following products on the premises: acrylic paints, oil paints and Stevenson “Oil Slicks” and watercolours – all bearing the Stevenson name.


David Stevenson


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